“I believe, sincerely, that you can learn as much from mistakes, if not more, as you do from successes. It’s not a failure if you learn from it.” — Bob Ross


mantra: don’t say anything to yourself that Bob Ross wouldn’t say to you


» Probably the best way to watch Bob Ross online. :)

No need to download anything, just click on the episode you want and then where it say “The Joy of Painting Links” look for a link that says putlocker - it tends to be one of the most reliable. From there, just click “continue to file” and then the play button!



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» A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross

Here’s a really cool article analyzing recurring themes in the paintings Bob does on the show! Thanks to follower scarfarms for bringing it to my attention! :)

hey that link is broken!

oh no!! :( damn. yeah, the bob ross company or whoever is unfortunately pretty prompt at getting trademarked stuff taken off youtube. someone even made a bob ross fanvid about a year ago and i went to watch it recently and it’d been deleted because of a copyright claim…

(seriously what/who’s a girl gotta do to get bob ross on netflix though, dang)