Yea, in case it wasn’t already obvious, I’m a fan of Bob Ross.


Bob Ross enlisted in the US Air Force at 17, and he hated holding positions that required him to be mean and nasty and yell at people so much that he took a vow never to scream again. He was a cool guy.

“I believe, sincerely, that you can learn as much from mistakes, if not more, as you do from successes. It’s not a failure if you learn from it.” — Bob Ross

» Probably the best way to watch Bob Ross online. :)

No need to download anything, just click on the episode you want and then where it say “The Joy of Painting Links” look for a link that says putlocker - it tends to be one of the most reliable. From there, just click “continue to file” and then the play button!



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» A Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob Ross

Here’s a really cool article analyzing recurring themes in the paintings Bob does on the show! Thanks to follower scarfarms for bringing it to my attention! :)